sometimes I do what I got to do.

sometimes I do what I want to do.
sometimes when I got to do what I want to do – it’s the same damn thing.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mrs. Millner

 ...the artist formerly known as Tiffany Strother-Millner.

Well - I tried the "hyphenated thing" for a year...
...and I thought that he was "okay" with it...
..we went to the Capital Grille and the waitress came to the table and pleasantly said " Good Evening Mr. + Mrs. Strother..."

That was it - and I just couldn't take it anymore... I didn't want to hear his mouth. (I assure you - it made for interesting dinner conversation)

I knew that Deme was more on the "Traditional" side of things... but I guess I was just trying to hold on to my independence... 
I mean COME ON!!!!!! You are one person for 32 years and then you just become someone else...

Ugh - it's going to be alright :)
You should have saw the smile on his face when he opened a little box and saw my NEW driver's license in it... 

Love You Deme!

Tiffany C Millner

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  1. I can relate to how difficult it is. I was married to the wrong man for 27 years, yet when I re-married, I didn't want to change my name. Now how do you explain THAT to your new husband? A new signature, REMEMBERING to say the new name when someone asks for it. But it all eases after time. It's been a year now and I'm beginning to adjust. Look at it like a pair of sharp shoes that you just HAVE to time, you'll break 'em in. and the discomfort does not last forever!