sometimes I do what I got to do.

sometimes I do what I want to do.
sometimes when I got to do what I want to do – it’s the same damn thing.

Monday, February 21, 2011

MLK Day @ the O.

yes yes - I am a little late...
BUT - better late than never, right?
The Soupers volunteered their services at The Overbrook Arts Center (or the 'O') for a Day of Learning and of Service...

We were asked to pinpoint a few interior projects that volunteers could help complete in order to continue the branding scheme within the space. 
The first order of business is to create a gallery wall on the main side wall within the center... This wall is currently covered with clouds - hand painted by a volunteer artists....
SO SAD - but the majority of those clouds needed to go. Our proposal was to paint the wall white and install sheets of painted homosote to act as a self healing (forgiving) surface for pin-ups, bulletin boards, and art installations in general.

(Yes - I am going to keep a small area of the clouds - to pay homage to the artist :)

I will keep you posted on the progress...

Roadkill Photography

Roadkill Photography

Roadkill Photography

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