sometimes I do what I got to do.

sometimes I do what I want to do.
sometimes when I got to do what I want to do – it’s the same damn thing.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I can see!!

I picked up my new set of glasses this weekend (right before we hit the road to Ohio....)


Okay okay... so it took me about a whole hour to pick them out - not just because I am a girl... but because I was told that I actually need to wear all of the time.So I didn't want to pick something out and then feel like crap about them a week from now....
Basically - I stayed away from the pretentious architect-y glasses and stayed true to Tiff.  Deme liked the red on my face and the inside just happens to be blue.... (he LOVES anything superman related - i swear..)

So.... here i am!
(I am looking at the color as a good thing... now i can still wear all black and kinda get away with it :)

Thanks Dr. Major!!


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